This time of year there will be lots of kids parties coming up at school, church, friends & family so I decided to do a post on an awesome healthy recipe I came up with.  When I went to the Moms Meet Summit in Philadelphia Pa. earlier this month the great people at Zevia All Natural Zero Calorie Soda Co. gave me a coupon for a free six pack of any soda of my choice.   I decided to get the Zevia Ginger Ale and make an all natural party punch.  I used a plastic brain mold that I poured Fruit Punch flavored Juicy Juice from a 46oz. bottle and froze overnight, then I added four cans Ginger Ale flavored Zevia,  3/4th of a 46oz can of 100% Pineapple Juice, the rest of the bottle of Juicy Juice & two to three pints of all natural Mango flavored Hola Fruta sherbet. I stirred the punch until the sherbet was melted then I dipped the bottom of the brain mold in a bowl of warm water for 30 seconds to help release it, flipped it over onto a ladle and gently slid it into the punch bowl. As you can see from the pictures the kids LOVED IT!!!!  The only bad thing was my four year old kept going and getting more and was telling me it’s ok because it’s healthy.


Down to the very last cups.  Super Yummy!!!


A cute itsie bitsie spider.